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Just Dance 2017 "FANMADE"

Just Dance 2017 "FANMADE"

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Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 2

Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR 2 is the second installment in the Just Dance: JD4SURVIVOR franchise. The game will be released on April 20th, 2019 in the United States and Japan, and June 9th, 2019 everywhere else in the world.

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  • XxXLoveSims555Xxx

    My inactivity

    January 12, 2019 by XxXLoveSims555Xxx

    Oh my! I've been inactive for such a long time. But I should clarify some points about what happened during my inactivity.

    I haven't finished the supposed Visual Novel due to my story writing skills.

    I've been having a lot of depressions lately.

    School is tiring.

    I love this wiki and I hope people are …

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  • FalcoLombardi99

    Teaser 1: You'll be tripping

    Teaser 2: Get ready for it

    Teaser 3: You'll be a mess

    Teaser 4: Find the light to get away from the dark

    Teaser 5: Give your heart to break

    Teaser 6: I will just come to say hello

    Teaser 7: Sending love to new lovers

    Teaser 8: Where are you? Japan?

    Teaser 9: You'll get the veno…

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  • FalcoLombardi99

    WIP! Credits to SonristasPF and JDLover12 for all album coaches used for the fanmade Kids Mode squares! Request songs if pleased! Squares

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