Don't Say You Love Me (from Pokemon The First Movie) by M2M is in only available on the Wii U and Wii versions of Just Dance: Pop Hits


P1 is Mewtwo from Pokemon based off the movie. P2 is Mew from Pokemon also based off the movie.


  • Unlike most dances, P1 is in the middle of the screen just like Next To You
  • The dance shares moves with Falco, What Do You Mean?, Ooh Aah, It's Been So Long and Mewtwo
  • This is the second dance with Mewtwo as P1 in the dance the first was Mewtwo
  • This along with Falco, Detective Pikachu and Dr. Mario are all Nintendo console exclusive songs in the same game.
  • This is the third Nintendo-console exclusive song from a Nintendo franchise predeceded by Just Mario from Just Dance 3 and Mewtwo from Just Dance You and succeeded by Falco, Detective Pikachu and Dr. Mario from the same game and succeeded by Star Fox from Just Dance Awesome and Starfalco, Tetris, Lost In Thoughts All Alone from Just Dance You 2
  • If you don't count Nintendo franchise songs. Want U Back, Domino, and Ain't No Other Man were also Wii U exclusives all on Just Dance 4. (Want You Back became DLC eventually)
  • This is the only Nintendo console exclusive song from a Nintendo franchise that is not by a Ubisoft artist.