"Friday" by Rebecca Black is featured on Just Dance: Girlie Edition



The dancer is a child teenager (around 11-12 years old). She is very happy because in the song, it is almost Friday.


The coach has the following:

  • She has black hair.
  • She wears a black dress with heels
  • She has a purple glove and has a purple outline


The background starts with an alarm clock that is set to 7am, then a bowl of cereal. Then the bus stop, and a time lapse of the road from day to night is shown. A first person mode of someone driving a car is shown day up to night. Then a calendar is shown marking from Thursday up to Sunday. Then at the last chorus everything reverses, it goes back to the alarm clock.

Gold Moves

There are 8 gold moves in this routine.

Gold Move 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: In the part of the chorus where the people shout Yeah, you must fist pump through the air.


  • This is the first and only song of Rebecca Black in the game.
  • Unfortunately the rap part is not included.



Friday - Rebecca Black - Official Music Video

Friday - Rebecca Black - Official Music Video

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