"Human Nature" by Madonna which is in Just Dance: Party Never Ends.


The dancer wears a black leather racing suit. It becomes dark and light in the song.


The background starts with lights flickering on and off. As it goes to the first verse it features lig hts following the dancer. In the chorus the lights start to dazzle and flash on and off. At the end there is a spotlight and the dancer disappears when the lights go off at the end of the dance.

Gold Moves

There are 4 Gold Moves in the routine: Gold Moves 1, 2 and 3 is to point to the screen. Gold Move 4 is to slowly put your hands away from each other.


  • The words "s**t" and "b***h are censored and replaced with a bang, just like the censors in the music video.
  • In the in-game files, you will find a square of an unreleased chair version.
    • It was not in the game because it would get a mature rating. Not only is it because of the chair dance and the meaning of the song.
  • This was one of the songs Ubisoft had to pay the most.
  • If Ubisoft added the Beta Captions. Ubisoft would have an Adults Only ratings.
  • A user hacked the game and exposed the Chair dance but was immediately removed.



  • Strut It
  • Feeling It
  • Smack It
  • Comb It
  • Shake It

Beta Captions

  • Touch It
  • Pleasure Myself
  • More Please